The waiting lobby of the Mercedes Benz corporate workspace is now a sight to behold, thanks to eurocéil. A highly bespoke 3D backlit ceiling installation now adorns this lobby. Our scope of work here, was quite comprehensive.

3D contemporary expressions:

Unlike the limited realm of conventional flat lights / ceilings, this type of installation can add an edge to interior persona. It’s made possible using our signature stretchable PVC fabric that is wrapped around mild steel frames, fabricated to take shape and form as per your choosing – cubes, polygons, waves, convex/concave curves, whatever you please.


Infinite lighting:

The seamless backlighting emanates from a vast circular euroceil translucent stretch ceiling with a diameter of 3 meters. Its even illumination brightens the entire lobby, ushering in the perfect ambience for any occasion.

LEDs – Another bright idea:

By using LED modules in place of strips or tubelights, eurocéil has ensured a lasting presence, thanks to the diodes’ significantly greater longevity. Other stellar features include a remote control dimmer to suit different situations/moods.

Hassle-free maintenance:

On the rare occasion of the lights faltering, our after sales service team will be there within just a day or two to sort it all out in an hour at the most. One can also access the lighting without our support, by having a door-type hinge to reach through.


To sum up:

This isn’t our first success with the acclaimed three-pointed star. Having already installed a flat backlit ceiling at a Benz showroom (Bangalore) in 2013-14,Benz and the architect (DSP Designs, Bangalore) were seeking to “scale new dimensions” this time around. Of course, we were up for the challenge. This spectacular 3D circular backlit eurocéil stretch ceilings stands testimony.

More exciting things lie in store, from eurocéil and Benz, soon. Watch this space for more.