Let’s catch you up. This year, euroceil teamed up with Watermark, a highly reputed design studio based in Mumbai, to lend its stall a unique ambience.

As expected, plenty of eyes were drawn and visitors flocked to experience euroceil’s versatile applications for interior spaces of residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate and retail kinds.



Application: 3D backlit structure seamlessly spanning across ceiling and wall
Finish: euroceil white translucent
Theme: Geometry


Application: Ceiling with table and shelf for product display
Finish: Black lacquer ceiling with printed backlit for the bar table and shelf
Theme: Party

acetech-conferenceConference Room

Application: Ceiling
Finish: Backlit ceiling with signature print and dimmable colour changing LEDs
Theme: Luxury office space


Application: Back wall (curved)
Finish: Printed backlit
Theme: Gradient transition


Application: Back wall with ceiling doubles as a night lamp for reading
Finish: Printed backlit wall and backlit ceiling
Theme: Sunset by the sea

Unprecedented responses greeted us, with a host of enquiries (some of which were immediate requirements at multiple locations) Interested parties included a diverse group, ranging from restaurants and malls, to offices and residential properties.

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