One of eurocéil’s stretch ceiling  latest endeavour and a subject of much chatter, is our installation at the Bar’N’Grill’s Banquet in Mumbai. Envisioned by Sumessh Menon Architects, and brought to life by eurocéil, the objective here was to have the ceiling ornamented with lighting solutions that have a shape (3D) of their own. From design recommendation and structural fabrication, to installing dimmable lighting and stretch ceilings, our scope of work was truly expansive.


Bright spaces in the right Places:

In the hospitality sector, ambience is king. Optimum lighting dictates the mood of an interior space. It’s why we went with eurocéil translucent ceiling finish, for its characteristic tendency to evenly diffuse light over large spaces. It’s the perfect finish of stretch ceiling to cover areas like banquets, lobbies etc.

Shaped like no other:

When it comes to design, to push the envelope, a little folding helps. The contoured lighting seen here, is eurocéil’s take on origami. The materials we use, determine the design possibilities. eurocéil’s 0.2 mm thick PVC film provides the ultimate resources for designers to sculpt and create. Its mouldable nature gives rise to infinite shaping possibilities, varied by internal framework to lend form.

Lighting befitting your mood:

eurocéil’s lighting solutions give you total control over illumination of interior spaces, at the touch of a button. Using your remote control, you can not only increase and decrease intensity of light, but also change the colour temperature of light from warm white to cool white. Ambient sensitivity aside, these controls also help track and reduce power consumption during day.


Custom lighting solutions, 3D polygon ceiling textures, abstract design extensions, these are just a few key values brought to life by eurocéil at Bar’N’Grill, with the vision of Sumessh Menon Architects. It’s yet another example why our stretch ceilings and their integrated lighting solutions are the perfect choice of ambient design aesthetics in the hospitality sector.

Sumessh Menon architects are in fact, already on another joint venture with eurocéil, seeking to beautify another banquet hall.