Rather than design a stall for the AceTech Expo 2018 in Delhi, eurocéil decided to create an installation, made completely from eurocéil’s stretch fabrics.  In just 600 sq ft of space the stall would need to demonstrate the flexibility and possibilities of stretch fabrics and LED lighting. The stall would also need to communicate the features and technical details about eurocéil stretch ceilings.


We teamed up with Deepak Jawahar to create an immersive atmosphere where visitors don’t just see the product but experience it. To showcase the flexibility and adaptability of the product, we customised a three-dimensional geometry that has an intensely immersive quality.

We took stock of the advantages and restrictions of the event space, and quickly realised that the immersive experience we wanted to design would need to accommodate several people, simultaneously, in one space. This led to the idea of The Light Cave, an immersive luminous environment that people could walk through.

On the outside The Light Cave is fashioned like a cube. Made of white eurocéil stretch fabric, the walls of the cube are clean and austere. This cube is broken by a luminous arc at one corner.

The arc opens up into a tunnel, that boroughs through the cube.  In stark contrast, to the outside of the cube, the arc reveals just a glimpse of the tunnel, that’s bathed in changing hues of light, inviting visitors for a walk-through.

The walls of the tunnel have ribbons of black smoky swirls of varying intensity. Backlit RGB LED lighting changes the colour of the walls, going from white marble to moonstone, yellow sapphire, jade, amethyst and more.

The flexibility of eurocéil stretch fabrics helped create two distinct aesthetic and functional zones within the stall. To play up the acoustic qualities of the product, the other half of the inside of the stall was designed with minimal lighting elements, so that the visitors could browse through the different product finishes, and other technical aspects of eurocéil’s products.


Resolving the geometry of the tunnel involved creating geometric iterations both digitally and with real scale mock-ups.

To create the tunnel, a series of proprietary europrofiles are bent and arranged to frame the contours of the tunnel. Printed translucent eurocéil stretch fabric is then stretched over the frame using a hot air blower and locked between the frames. Strips of RGB LEDs installed on the frame light up the tunnel from behind, bathing the tunnel in changing colours, and making the walls look like resplendent polished precious stones.


The Light Cave drew a lot of visitors who stopped to spend some time inside. Marveling at the changing colours of the tunnel, taking videos and selfies, opening up a conversation with the stall and bringing it to life.

The installation also caught the attention of the jury, who awarded it a Grand Stand Award – Special Jury Recognition.

Light Inspiration with Deepak Jawahar!

“Use eurocéil stretch fabrics to break out of traditional walled structures, to create unique enclaves that envelop products or people and transform the way we experience and interact with space.”

Project: Claus Porto store, NYC
Architect: Tacklebox Architecture
Here, a 550-square-foot interior is dominated by an archway with triangular crevices making for the walls of the archway. The beautiful contrasts and symmetry achieve a two-fold effect.
The triangular nooks frame the archway in perfect symmetry to create petalled arches, that open up like a tunnel into the structure, drawing the eye in. Opening up the space to reveal triangular pedestals that elevate the products on display.

Project: Valextra Flagship, Milan
Architect: Snarkitecture
A temporary store to celebrate Valextra’s 80th anniversary, Snarkitecture designed an ethereal space fashioned of cloudy tufts of white mesh juxtaposed with hard surfaced industrial materials, to create a pristine, fluffy gallery for the all-white products on display. The play of sharpness and fluidity makes for a space that inextricably weaves personal experience into the product story.

Project: Odin Pop-up store,
Architect: Snarkitecture
In a 350 sq ft. elongated space, Snarkitecture employs 1500 white matte gypsum replicas of the Odin fragrance bottle. They rise up from the floor, drop down from the ceiling and reach out from the walls to create an undulating landscape where the actual product – in black glass – is perched to pepper the all-white space.