Project : Van Heusen
Architect : Oculus Designs
Project size : 264 sq.ft.
Location : Bangalore

Product :
EC1-TR-011 (White Translucent)
Scope of work :
Supply and installation of euroceil Stretch Ceilings

Envisioned by the architects at Oculus Designs, euroceil’s translucent stretch ceiling at the Van Heusen Showroom is yet another stunning example of how fashion retail ambiences can be enhanced with our stretch ceiling and lighting solutions.


Seamless surface despite the grid structure and assembly is one of the many highlights of euroceil’s design innovation. These translucent stretch ceilings, when back by appropriate lighting entire transform the retail space as it bathes everything in warm light.



Evenly diffused warm-white powered by GOQ Samsung LED modules, over a large surface, lends an entirely different feel to product display area, compared to conventional lighting systems.



The result is an elevated retail experience, for both visitors and staff. Having set up Van Heusen already in Hyderabad with many more to come, one brand after another are joining our family of trusted partners.