Interior design in the healthcare sector is evolving towards a wholesome mix of aesthetics, technology and health & safety.  The ‘Smart Hospital’ approach seeks to provide an ambience for patients that blends utility and innovation with elements that represent calming and caring spaces.

euroceil’s expertise in this sector ranges far and wide across a variety of our customized turnkey solutions for healthcare groups. These include tailored printed stretch ceilings, featuring high definition imagery from our bespoke collection of artful visuals, chosen to suit your needs by our team of designers.

Our Stretch Ceilings add a new ambient dimension to healthcare spaces by serving both functional and aesthetic needs, with unending design possibilities. Here are a few such features:

  • Seamless and homogenous lighting
  • Hi-definition printed skylights
  • Special 3D forms
  • Calming reflective surfaces
  • Cool & Refreshing Colours…and much more

As for the function with form, euroceil is recommended for its technological and safety aspects too:

  • Fire resistant (Self-Extinguishing)
  • Anti-bacterial & and moisture resistant (Bioproof)
  • Dust-proof (Anti-static)
  • Protective of special equipment
  • Easy to install and maintain acoustics
  • Enhanced user control in patient rooms

Reception and Corridors
Designed to welcome that healing feeling.

People coming to a hospital are often there in pain or discomfort. It helps to make a good first impression and comfort them, right from the reception. Hospitals generally carry an ambient theme across their premises. More often and not, they are perceived to be grim and dreary spaces. The right lighting can change this. Our stretch ceiling installations incorporate the latest technology in lighting for reception, corridors and common areas. Seamless printing over large and double height spaces can lend a pleasing sight to look at while crossing spaces. Our solutions can:

  • Establish your branding
  • Add a natural light element
  • Enhance elegance and sophistication
  • Give your patients a source of distraction while being transported between departments..and much more

Scan Room 
Sights that usher in calm

Scan rooms are visited by in-patients, out-patients and emergency patients. Their experiences may vary. Often, these rooms are lit with overhead down lights that bear down harshly. Our warmly backlit printed stretch ceilings are the perfect way to bring in a calming sight of nature, which helps lower their anxiety and relaxes them during scanning procedures. Another factor that often overlooked is the patient’s choice of altering the lighting when unattended. Our LED backlighting solutions enable customised dimming controls which allow the patients to change the lighting intensity/temperature with the touch of a finger.

Vast sights to heal under

The ward in any hospital is a big expanse of space. These spaces, with false ceilings, have no control over the customisable lighting, acoustics and even temperature. Our stretched fabric ceilings can do all this and more.

  • Customise lighting for parts of the room to make everyone comfortable.
  • Cut down the noise with fabric ceilings and not amplify the voices of other patients, nurses and doctors.
  • Maintain aesthetic continuity over large expanse with printed stretch ceilings.

Sights that make you smile

Much like the waiting room for scans and procedures, the waiting room for dental clinics also have the same anxiety factor. With dental procedures, more often than not, people are left staring at the ceiling and have limited mobility. In this uncomfortable situation, a calming natural sight instead of a bleak white ceiling can make the whole experience feel a lot less painful. This is our high resolution printed stretch ceilings size up to the job.

Creating rejuvenating spaces

Decorative interiors are the current need for the healthcare sector. Positive distraction elements in the wards, waiting rooms, and hospital lobbies help reduce anxiety and calm the general state of mind for both the patient and their loved ones. It is also a vital space for doctors and nurses to unwind and get a much needed bite. The pantry or cafeteria is a place where this is just as important. Our stretch ceilings in special 3D forms with backlighting can provide pleasing sights for both patients and hospital staff, putting them at ease. It can do wonders for the patients’ healing process and their impression of your hospital as well. Another significant advantage is that these materials are all eco-friendly, long lasting and bring down operating costs in the long run.

Prescribed for perfect lighting

Lighting inside a pharmacy is important for many reasons, most important of which is for legibility of medicine names, prescriptions and instructions. The aesthetics and ambience of the pharmacy interiors can also improve their impression of the place and enhance brand recall. Our translucent stretch ceilings are present across a chain of the widely-trusted Apollo pharmacies, as a turnkey solution that lights up their interiors throughout the country.

From calming sights to pleasing lights, our stretch ceilings and walls offer a whole new dimension of ambient design for the healthcare sector. Boosting aesthetic appeal aside, the functional merits of these installations such as better safety and lower maintenance costs in the long run also them a worthy choice of décor. Give us a call to discover the possibilities of euroceil designs that can enhance your space.