In Bangalore, eurocéil recently had the honour of having its stretch ceilings accentuate the presence of an automotive marvel of engineering – the Audi sedan. The installation comprised of a white translucent ceiling and side wall, backlit by LEDs.


No ends in sight

The translucent stretch film used in this installation allows evenly diffused light to permeate through, thereby bathing the vehicle in a subtle glow that offers a sight not to be missed. Its ability to be seamlessly fit for use, works even in large panels (up to 6m x 6m). Unlike conventional lighting, a backlit eurocéil ceiling offers a far for more versatile perspective in comparison to spot lighting.

Throw new light

With customizable lux levels of 200 to 1800 using a dimmer, the GOQ Samsung LED modules used for the lighting behind the eurocéil translucent stretch ceiling come with a 3-year warranty. The dimmer control also allows control to warmth of the white light. The fixture behind the stretch panels is based on a fixed formula to maximize lighting and facilitate easy access during maintenance runs.

Aesthetics worthy of Audi standards

An installation such as this, is quite the feat. It’s not easy, to make an Audi look even better. The eurocéil translucent ceilings and walls used here, elevate the vehicle’s form factor and presence. It’s a great example of how eurocéil can dramatically enhance the aesthetics and ambient quality of a brand in corporate and retail spaces.

What eurocéil brings to the table, is a tangible rise in the quality of interior ambience that everyone will benefit from, through experience. Be it the utterly even diffusion of light within that space with eurocéil translucent, high definition graphical themes brought to life with eurocéil printed translucent, the sophisticated reflectivity of natural light or chandeliers with eurocéil lacquer, or 3 dimension themed décor elements (Eg. backlit pillars, themed 3d ceilings etc.) with eurocéil 3d forms, there’s always something to look up to.