Walk into any 5 star business or boutique hotel and you will notice the use of lighting to accentuate the décor. euroceil has been a trend setter in this space for many seasons with exquisitely designed installations for luxury hotels like Holiday Inn, ITC, Aloft, GRT, Intercontinental Hotels, etc. Our stretch fabric ceilings and light features are designed to exude luxury & serenity in hospitality atmospheres, from the limitless range of 3D lighting décor to overhead ambient experiences, to pulsing, customised patterns & installations on the walls and ceilings. If you can envision it, we can make it a reality.

Seamless Contours

The impression that a reception lobby of a hotel makes on its guests has a great influence on their perception of the hotel at large and therefore interior designers are tasked with creating an environment that is inviting and at same time visually appealing. A fine example of this is seen in the image featuring a futuristic Stretch Ceiling Chandelier on a double height reception lobby ceiling installed at the Holiday Inn (Chennai) as a turnkey solution by euroceil.

Elegant Grandeur

Most hotel suites try to accord a homely and welcoming setting, while at the same time breaking away from the mould of traditional bedrooms within homes by adding that touch of luxury. Featured here is a concept rendered to showcase the contoured Lacquer Stretch Ceilings providing a cool reflective surface/form that accentuates the fluid and cohesive design language seen in the furniture and décor within the space.

Synergic Contrast

In a restaurant, often the interiors are defined by the type of cuisine that it offers, by featuring design elements from the geography of the cuisine or by opting to incorporate an amalgam of fusion in the ambience. Featured here is a concept rendered to display a posh restaurant that is inspired by a BLACK & WHITE theme, where the floor and furniture are thrown into bold contrast by the 3D stretch fabric drop lights which blur the lines between ceiling, light and art.

Unbounded Vivacity

euroceil helps forge breath-taking lighting installations that span across large areas of swanky nightclub environments. By introducing euroceil Translucent Stretch ceilings with dynamic backlighting using RGB colour changing patterns, one can make for an immersive experience. As we can see in the image, the 3D Stretch Fabric light feature running from the wall behind the DJ console expanding on to the ceiling, bringing about a certain vibrancy, with its sharp angles and bold lines.

Enchanting Festivity

In most luxury hotels, events in Banquet halls are hosted in a wide variety of themes, thus it falls upon designers to innovate with lighting installations that can display a smorgasbord of themes and moods to create the perfect setting for any event. One such possibility envisioned by Sumessh Menon Associates and brought to life by euroceil is seen here featuring a futuristic 3D Stretch Fabric Lighting decor that can also be dimmed and colour-toned, thus exuding an even glow over all the celebrations that are held within them.