Euroceil’s translucent stretch ceilings adorn the halls of Kamala Cinemas. The unique design features hanging lights to showcase its shape while throwing ambient light. This gorgeous complex structure consists of multiple sheets, each fabricated individually. It’s mounted 6 feet below the false ceiling, suspended 26 feet from the actual ceiling.


Lighting up every nook and corner

The structure houses lighting that has been tested meticulously, to ensure that there are no shadows or unlit spots anywhere. It’s a multicolour installation that hangs gracefully. These installations can even come with dimming control, if you ever require one.


Both stunning installations were executed overnight, between the wee hours of 2 AM and 9 AM to ensure no hiccups in the theatre’s operations. No cancelled shows. No losses whatsoever. That’s the kind of efficient yet innovative transformation euroceil’s designer stretch ceilings offer.

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