Project : Mantri Courtyard
Architect : Fountain Head Architects
Project size : 1500 sq.ft.
Location : Bangalore

Product :
EC1-TR-011 (White Translucent)
Scope of work :
Framework Fabrication MS

Envisioned by Fountainhead Architects, the Mantri Courtyard’s gymnasium sports an exquisite custom 3D ceiling installation, featuring euroceil’s white translucent stretch ceiling with backlighting and the complex polygonal framework, specially recommended by eurocéil.

Three Dimensional Light on Fitness

euroceil’s PVC membrane is an excellent choice of designer ceilings. Its 3d framework can be fabricated to realize any designer creation in mind. The fabric takes the desired shape as you please.

Mantri Courtyard - 2A

Bright Approach to Healthy Living

eurocéil translucent ceilings diffuse light evenly to bathe the area gently in ample light, even across large spaces. Powered by LED tubelights, it’s a low maintenance, long-life lighting solution with aesthetics at the helm.

Mantri Courtyard - 3


This custom translucent ceiling of 1500 sq.ft came to life in a mere 2 weeks, from framework fabrication until sheet installation.