In the first part of this article we looked at how eurocéil’s stretch fabric solutions harmonise lighting and ceiling design to create pieces of art. We looked at how eurocéil’s stretch fabric ceilings and LED lighting technology offer more flexibility to designers and architects as compared to conventional ceiling and lighting options.

Here are a few more examples of how eurocéil’s stretch ceilings and LED lighting can uplift residential, retail and healthcare spaces.


Featured here is the billiards room of the Janaki Avenue Residence by BLD Designs. The ceiling & lighting design needed to take into special consideration a carefully calibrated mood, one that enveloped relaxation and focus, and the warm camaraderie of the game.

The theme showcases the colours and tone of the evening sky, brought to life with a backlit, printed translucent stretch ceiling. The challenge of a vast canvas was tackled with eurocéil’s high-definition imagery and flawless printing. Thoughtfully precise lighting enhances and enlivens the rich details and depth of the printed ceiling, with ample light for functional needs.


The ceiling at Klynn Store Dubai, a women’s lingerie boutique in the Mall of Qatar is designed with printed translucent stretch fabric system, backlit with LED lighting. Architects Brand Creative used printed stretch ceilings to mirror the sheer, intricate lace motifs of the products. Seamlessly blending product and theme, adding a new canvas for brand storytelling, while celebrating the fine detail of the products on display.


eurocéil’s stretch fabric in white translucent finish with backlit RGB LED modules throw splashes of fun and vivacity from the ceiling at the entertainment zone in Virginia Mall. Designed by Genesis Architects, it features a DJ console, a gaming arcade and a bowling arcade. The space was complex in shape, size and magnitude, and also had an exposed ceiling that needed special attention.

Large irregular, flowing splashes of colour adorn the ceilings of this entertainment zone space, making for a playful, colourful experience. The exposed ceiling is tucked out of sight by the luminous eurocéil translucent stretch ceilings, offering a larger than life canvas, seamless and vast.

Backlit RGB LED modules give the lighting design a whimsical dimension, highlighting race cars, rippling on the ceilings, invigorating its environs and even changing on remote control.


At the Advanced Care Oncology Centre in Dubai, eurocéil’s printed stretch ceiling makes for a relaxing and soothing view for patients about to undergo a scan. Here, high definition in-house printing on the translucent stretch ceiling fabric forms the ceiling & lighting. Backlit LED modules work in harmony to create a life-like canopy, that creates a sense of serenity for patients.

eurocéil’s in-house design team crafted this customised artwork of an impeccably realistic canopy of trees. Supported by their in-house printing technology, the team ensured flawless high resolution printing.

Today stretch ceilings are increasingly used in the design of healthcare spaces, but not just to usher in a soothing healing ambience. With self extinguishing, anti-bacterial and moisture resistant properties, they’re also dust proof and offer enhanced end user control.

Put the benefits together and you’ll find that stretch ceilings offer designers a tool that soothes, while it protects.

Light Inspiration with Deepak Jawahar!

“Use stretch ceilings to create, mimic or expand your design story, making it cohesive yet refreshing, across the Interior spaces.”

Project: Sofitel Hotel, Vienna
Architect: Jean Nouvel – Ateliers
In this project, the architect has used the ceiling as a very important design element to create accents in the form at different levels – lobby, atrium and the roof top restaurant. The ceiling is treated not just as an internal element but also as an important feature on the façade.