In this two part series, we’ll look at how eurocéil’s stretch ceilings have been used in conjunction with LED lighting, to blur the lines between art, lighting and ceiling design.

With some inspiration from Deepak Jawahar, (finalist – Godrej Design Lab 2016) we’ll see how stretch fabric ceilings can be re-imagined with award winning ideas from across the globe.
But first, let’s take a look at why stretch fabrics and LED lighting make the perfect pair and the benefits they offer over traditional alternatives.


eurocéil’s stretch fabric ceilings when paired with LED lighting, make for a new dimension in spatial design, blurring the lines between ceilings, lighting and art.

They help designers add a brand new dimension to both ceiling and lighting design, uplifting and uniting the two functions to convey a grander, often surprising element that’s sure to turn heads.


While gypsum board is commonly used for ceilings, it offers limitations when paired with lighting. In comparison, stretch ceilings give designers and architects a freehand to blend ceiling design and lighting to tell a cohesive story.

Gypsum works only with very specific lighting applications, and allows for those tell-tale grid-like structures lending a predictable industrial look.

Stretch fabric ceilings offer a seamless quality to ceiling design, with the ability cover areas as large as 45 SqM and 5M width, without unseemly breaks!

Stretch fabric can be used to imitate or create infinite colours, finishes, designs, textures and forms.

Even when there are floors above the ceiling, eurocéil’s high-definition printing and backlit LED lighting technology can create life-like skylights. Mimicking natural light, without the ambient temperature rise that accompanies it.

LED lighting technology pairs productively with stretch fabric ceilings, multiplying lighting possibilities as compared to conventional lighting solutions:

  • It offers users the convenience of switching from white light to warm light with the touch of a button or even a swipe! Warm lighting throws a wonderful glow, especially in corporate environments that welcome daylight, that’s not quite bright enough.
  • Today, large spaces like hospitals, malls and theatres seek smart app-based systems like Dali, that keep lighting systems operating more efficiently and precisely.

In Part 1 of this article we’ll look at two projects where eurocéil’s stretch ceilings backed by LED lighting design, add a bright, uplifting dimension to any space.

The first project takes us to the reception of an executive centre, and the second reveals how stretch fabric ceilings are used to create 3D drop-lighting fixtures in a conceptual design for a restaurant.


The reception of The Executive Centre, welcomes visitors with a larger than life leaf-shaped pendant, with the help of eurocéil’s stretch fabric in a translucent finish.  Renowned Architecture Firm, Atelier Global (Bangalore), designed The Executive Centre – a serviced office and business centre, catering to a global audience.
Ambient backlighting just above the reception desk makes for a warm, welcoming enclave.

A trick of light comes into play with cool & warm white LEDs which offer ambient illumination as you enter. The provision of remote-controlled lighting, allows for flexibility and convenience with 2 different tones of lighting depending on a mood or the time of day.

Light Inspiration with Deepak Jawahar!

“Use stretch ceilings to compare, reflect or offset what’s happening on-ground, letting the design story rise up above the ordinary, and shed light on its surrounding in a novel unexpected and unforgettable fashion.”

Project: The Lightfold Project
Architect: Iwamoto Scott Architecture
The crown of the lobby design project for the One Kerney, San Fransisco, the Lightfold Project is a lighting fixture that echoes the geometric logic of the lobby’s angled walls. A wooden finish on the lighting fixture on the ceiling offers consistency with the lobby design while accentuating the play of light on the angled surfaces below.


Featured here is a restaurant concept inspired by a Black and White theme, where the floor and furniture are thrown into bold contrast by 3D stretch fabric drop lights which harmonise ceiling, light and art.

The dramatic drop-down ceiling like an inverted canopy – adds complexity, with funnels of light crafted in black and white, reminiscent of an Armani interior style.

An air of formal yet playful sophistication allows the ceiling and lighting elements to dance in harmony, while drawing deep contrasts, pairing geometric lines and grand curves to bring bold sophistication to the table.

Light Inspiration with Deepak Jawahar!

“Demarcate space or create accents by using differentiated ceiling treatments and assorted lighting elements rather than conventional walls.”

Project: Gifu Media Cosmos, Gifu City, Japan.
Architect: Toyo Ito
The dynamic architectural forms of Pritzker Prize–winning architect Toyo Ito for Gifu Media Cosmos, features hanging globes suspended from the roof, that naturally demarcate areas for reading, resting and meeting. Translucent and sheer, these hanging globes can also be re-created with eurocéil’s stretch fabrics.