The future of architecture is here. Emphasis is laid on the structure, design and sustainability of all the materials used in construction. In this day and age, using materials that have a more global and sustainable appeal; outweigh the slightly higher cost of installation.

Stretch Ceilings fall precisely under this category of products. 100% Eco-friendly and sustainable, this product has a life-span of over 20 years with a durability factor to match. On the design side, there is no ceiling on the limitations. With gypsum board, the most commonly seen false ceiling material these days, there is only so much that can be done to integrate with lighting solutions and interior decorations.


Light up your world with Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Fabric is a great element that can be used to imitate, for example, natural light without any of the ambient temperature rise that comes with it or colourful lighting effects for a pop of colour. The translucent nature of the material can be used for diffused lighting set-ups, like in a studio for backlighting or projection.

The applications of Stretch Ceilings are endless. Adding Lighting Design to the equation only widens the spectrum. Here are a few examples of these:


Hospitals and Healthcare

A study on ‘The Potential of Stretched Fabric Ceilings in the Healthcare Environment’ by Adam Kavett Daniel Strongwater stated that “Understanding that a positive patient experience is the cornerstone of most successful healthcare organizations, the sequence of events during a hospital stay was analyzed. Our findings suggest that patients spend a significant portion of their time-oriented with their head toward the ceiling surface.”

Further, the study found that stretched-fabric ceilings should be used to create visually attractive, seamless overhead surfaces. Aspects highlighted in the study were:


  • Better lighting solutions that can be viewed directly without discomfort, light should be projected through the ceiling to provide diffused and consistent light levels (Jones 1998).
  • Projection through stretched-fabric offers a flexible solution to these different needs, such as brighter and white or off-white light in circulation spaces compared to the need for less intense, warmer light in patient rooms (Malenbaum 2008).


Offices and Commercial Spaces

More and more is being spent in the corporate world, focusing on the look and feel of the interiors and exterior of the space as an added aesthetic bonus to the products and services they provide. An organization providing professional consulting services solely in the field of energy efficiency, The Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. has found that office workers perform 6 to 12 % faster when their indoor work environment offers exposure to daylight. However, architects, interior designers and lighting consultants alike, have a problem making this a reality in tropical areas like India, as there will be an overall increase in cost to offset the heat radiation that comes with using glass in architecture.

The solution? Take away the thermal transfer of heat with the illusion of natural light. euroceil Translucent & Printed Stretch Ceiling and Wall installations can put people in the middle of the amazon or in a park in spring.

User Control over the Environment

  • Lighting Design is of utmost importance the interiors as it has to suit the business’s branding, be convenient for the staff and employees and if they are service providers, it needs to go the extra mile and leave the customers in awe as well.
  • Dimmable LED lighting or projectors situated behind the stretched fabric can allow for user-controllable lighting levels, visual displays and coloured lighting.
  • Stretchable Ceilings give designers a literal blank canvas to bring lighting dreams to life to keep your client happy and express their own art equivocally printing their logo and brand communications and illustrations on our stretch ceilings.


Spas and Therapy Centres

Create the ambience your customer needs to rest and relax without excessive structural elements and material weight.  euroceil Lacquer Stretch Ceilings can provide increased light reflection coupled with improved acoustics and decorative finishes. These ceilings unlike back-painted glass or lacquered glass do not break, logistically easier to manage, and aesthetically avoid grids, frames and screws that are normally visible with glass installations. Additionally, they last long, do not flake, can accommodate almost all varieties of fixtures and fittings like lighters, grilles, sprinklers, smoke detectors and even for an added dimension Fibre Optic Lighting, and remain impermeable to water.

We’ve listed out just a few of the MANY MANY possibilities where Stretched Fabric Ceilings can play an active part in ambience and mood of the space. The applications and installations of Stretch Ceilings and Stretch Walls are still evolving. What will be the next lighting design installation to be incorporated on Stretch Ceilings?