Light brings with it a whole world of possibilities to completely change and transform a space. It is a powerful design tool which when employed deftly, articulates and elevates the language of any spatial setting.  Colours, tones, and intensity are components that are factored in, while lighting consultants do their job. Depending on the nature of the space, its architecture and even the interior elements need to be considered while making decisions for lighting design.

As we have mentioned in our previous blog, the applications of light on Stretched Fabric Ceilings are immeasurable. In this blog, we will walk you through the application of lights on Stretch ceilings, highlighting how it can transcend your lighting design experience to a whole new level, complemented with style, class and an environment-friendly approach.  According to the ASID survey back in 2015, sustainability continues to be a relevant topic and issue in Interior Design, with 40% of interior projects including sustainable elements.


Hanging Lights

As lighting options go, chandeliers make a statement but they can be heavy and require constant maintenance. Especially, in a hotel or commercial space, this can be cumbersome, with high ceilings being one of the many problems. As an alternative to the traditional chandelier or as a homage to it, the possibilities with stretch fabric ceilings are infinite.

In a recent project for Holiday Inn, we completed a 3D hanging feature Installation.  A series of colossally bulbous luminaires exuding a warm illumination renders an artistic impression into the lobby space. Held suspended from the ceiling and placed sporadically yet in a closer loop, each section carries a distinct form. While some bulge inwards along the longitudinal edge in a subtly coy demeanour, some bend at the corners while rest sticks out unwaveringly creating a lyrical composition.  This installation comprised of 14 elliptical panels spanning 444 sq.ft, with each panel around 1200mm wide and 1775mm high, using our translucent stretch ceilings that were backlit by warm white LEDs.


Sea of Tranquillity

Over the recent years, we’ve seen many options for lighting in the form of LED lighting. This may be energy safe but heats up nevertheless. With varying CCT’s (Correlated Colour Temperature) available in the market while choosing the desired light, each comes designed for a certain set of activity and ambience, while simultaneously impacting the mood and workability of the user. Yet, there will be a heat transfer that occurs.

Architect  Sanjay Puri, put his trust in euroceil’s Translucent Stretched Fabric ceilings solve this problem, as shown in this residential project of ours, in Dr. Rao’s  home in Hyderabad. Get into the pool and you look up to a seamless, consistent, glow of ambient light across 3120 sq-ft (Individual Panel Size 6990mm high &3240 mm width). Extending the entire length of the ceiling, the luminance remains subtle while the design conspicuously merges into the space. Providing you serenity beyond compare!


Pillar of Light

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the main issues faced with lighting installations being incorporated into other elements, for interior design purposes, is the heat transfer. This has not stopped the creativity of interior designers, who are still looking for the perfect installation for a space.

Ostraca Architects conceptualised this work of art, and we at euroceil brought it to life with euroceil’s Translucent Stretch Ceilings along with backlit LEDs and structural fabrication. The statement piece in this project, done for the Visa office in Bangalore, is a pillar of light with flowing waves glowing in sheer beauty. This installation not only serves its functionality effectively but also delivers a decorative aesthetic into the transition space. The pillar-like form rises and spread upwards like a blooming flower and merges into the encompassing elliptical void cut into the ceiling. euroceil’s design recommendation helped in bringing Ostraca’s stunning vision into a reality for the Visa employees to enjoy for years to come.