This week, we are going to take you to one of euroceil’s biggest, most grandeur & most challenging projects yet, to an entertainment phenomenon called Kids Kraze , spanning over 8000 sq.ft of exotic euroceil decorative ceilings across 4 lavish halls, making it the ultimate multi-themed party roof in the capital city.

Fun & frolic being the theme of the functional area, the challenge is to paint smiles across our little audiences, who are hard to be satisfied! We let our imaginations run wild, threw a few gears loose to let the kids have a jolly day out in this awesome theme based space.



The big fat Indian wedding parties and shenanigans are all about having the right themes.

Hall 2 therefore adopts the lovely yellow “floral pattern” theme that begins from the emphatic euroceil printed ceilings panels and seamlessly set behind the walls and carpets of the hall.

Each of the large rectangular euroceil stretch ceiling panels stretches for 11m x 12m with ambient backlighting and hi definition digital printing brings immense warmth and vibrancy to the space, making the room an unforgettable locus.

With the hi-end ceiling technology that euroceil makes possible, seamless printed ceiling panels as large as 6mx3m (200 sq.ft), you can now create your own landscape wherever you are!



Who wants to splash around in this bubbly indoor swimming pool, a perfect setting for kids pool parties in HALL 3!

The stunning blue reflective euroceil hi-gloss ceiling running through 12mx9 m is a raving reincarnation of the water ripples below, well complimenting the fizzy semblance of a kids pool party. The bubbly reflection is created using 2 different shades of blue in the exquisite euroceil hi-gloss finish.

The blue ripples seamlessly integrates the pillars, cameras and other decorative ceiling fittings in the interior with an easy provision made possible by euroceil stretch ceiling technology.


This magic material lets you create highly unique and larger than life spaces, with some truly exquisite finishes and its superior ability to take any shape or form in an otherwise plain surface called ceiling!

We will be back again with Kids Kraze gets euroceil-fied PART 2 soon!