Though the game of billiards enjoys a wide following, it’s quite a regal affair to own a table in your residence. A billiards room is seen as an escape to unwind and yet, focus at the same time. When euroceil was given the opportunity to furnish the ceiling of the billiards room at the Janaki Avenue Residence, we left them with a sight worthy of looking up to.

Keeping in mind the relaxing nature and purpose of the game, the theme here showcases the colours and tone of the evening sky, brought to life with a backlit, printed translucent stretch ceiling.


The key features of this unique installation to highlight the innovative aspects of euroceil’s printed backlit ceiling:

High definition, right down to the dot

With a canvas as vast as a ceiling like this, beauty lies in the details. Using high definition imagery and flawless printing, every square inch of this stretch ceiling exhibits finesse and depth in appearance.

Installed to perfection

By locking the sheets along the periphery, no gap is left visible between the stretch ceiling member and the actual ceiling. An impeccable finish is a signature euroceil aspect in every project.

Illuminated to liven

Behind every unique euroceil stretch ceiling, is a wizardry of tactfully spaced lighting that helps bring the rich details of the print to life. Aesthetic is just half the purpose. Our backlit ceilings always ensure ample lumens of lighting for the room’s functional needs.


Our stretch ceilings’ colours and tones can adapt to any given indoor space, coupled with their vast capability to be shape-agnostic in design. This feature makes euroceil a great addition to interiors in the hospitality and retail segment. There’s no limit to how they can change the appearance of your ceiling. Dream yours. We’ll print them and have them up for you.

There’s always something to look up to, with euroceil.