There isn’t a single supermarket in the nation, that doesn’t stock itself with the wide range of products manufactured by Hindustan Unilever. As one of India’s largest industrial powerhouses right alongside Tata and Reliance, transforming their Bangalore office with euroceil was an honour and an opportunity like no other.

Our translucent, backlit stretch ceilings can be seen across their corridors, common areas and the pantry.


Designed to illuminate:

Designed to illuminate The vast spaces of HUL, require something more sophisticated lighting than spotlights and acrylic grid panels. Our stretch ceilings make it possible to have really large areas illuminated with ease and style. Their ability to fit into any shape as required by a theme is something to marvel at.

The magic behind the lighting:

ThumbLEDs placed behind our ceilings account for nearly 80% of the light below and on to the room, bringing adequate lumens to the space functionally. If needed, we provide the option of having remote control regulation of illumination intensity to ensure that you have total control of the lighting available.

Up and lit in no time:

Up and litInstallation of a euroceil ceiling is a quick, hassle-free process. Its neat Sheet locking in the periphery ensures no gap between the stretch ceiling membrane and the remaining ceiling area.

Fuss-free maintenance:

Installed airtight, the backlit panels of our ceilings will not allow dust or insects to enter and be caught in the way of the lighting. It’s quality aspects such as these that give us the confidence to offer our clients a 10 year warranty.


Euroceil stretch ceilings are the perfect choice of large commercial spaces as they transform the ambience with lighting and style that leaves a pleasing effect. Our panels in their infinite design options, are suitable for interiors of airports, malls, hotels, hospitals, events/exhibitions and high rise residential projects.

They stretch, transform and give you a sight to look up to.