For those of you who missed us at the AceTech expo in Bangalore and Delhi, we’re here to catch you up! Euroceil teamed up with Haute Arts, a reputed design studio based in Chennai, to create a unique look for its stall. Needless to say, eyes were drawn to it as we received plenty of visitors.

Seeking to showcase Euroceil versatile applications for interior spaces across residential, commercial, hospitality, corporate and retail purposes, our stall was conceptualized in such a way as to exhibit maximum design flexibility.


It featured a double-side printed ceiling, curved room divider, backed by illumination. The stall also boasted our extraordinary 3D lighting concepts which included illuminated pillars, a chandelier, floor lamps and a hexagonal decorative ceiling light fixture. The stall was bordered with geometric and abstract themed printed panels for the walls and the ceiling, both of which were backlit ceiling. The ceiling’s illumination also demonstrated its dimmable feature by controlling colour temperature and lighting intensity.

The results of all these design innovations were fantastic. We received unprecedented response, with a host of enquiries and even immediate requirements, for multiple locations. Our clientele ranged from restaurants and malls to offices and residential properties.


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