The hospitality industry offers a multitude of ambience and mood choices for the guests to indulge and get pampered in. At Curry House, a North and South Indian Restaurant in Chennai serving quality Indian Food in a contemporary setting that creates a dining experience that is delightfully different!


To bring in the contemporary-ness, the Dubai based Studio Prodigy Architects conceptualized vibrant colors & fluid shapes within the interior. The very centre of the restaurant adorns euroceil stretch ceilings suspended in a smooth flowing amoeba shape with an effervescent backlighting that briskly nudges the eyes as you enter the place.

Decorative ceiling lights and even stretch ceilings in general, like never before, can now be woven in any 3-dimensional form with a play of various finishes (backlit ceiling, lacquer ceiling, printed ceiling, metallic, royale, marble, matte, etc.) offered by euroceil Stretch Ceilings.

The ability to mould the euroceil stretch ceiling material in the desired shape to bring out the enthralling amoebic form, highlights one of the core advantages of the magical material and also the clear triumph for euroceil’s dedicated sales and installation team’s competence in providing a holistic solution right from frame fabrication, lighting & stretch ceiling installation across a variety of designs and projects.


Dining experiences with friends and family is picture framed and radiates emotional bonding and merriment. It’s fun, laughter, recreation when euroceil is around your social and personal spaces!