Interior designers and architects using Euroceil in their creations have covered over 600,000 sq. ft. with our stretch ceilings today. Leading workplaces like Google, Dell, Tata, L&T, Reliance, Accenture, Shell, Amazon, Sony, Benz, etc. , many of whom continue their journey with us, have realized the infinite possibilities of this fascinating new dimension to ambient aesthetics. The ability to mould and create custom lighting surfaces and installations has transformed one’s understanding of feature décor elements in corporate interiors.

Aside from the pleasing aesthetic value, ambience in such spaces serves two functions:

1.To project and portray an image of sophistication and professionalism to clients and partners.
2.To attract and retain bright minds in the organization by providing a warm environment conducive to their productivity.

Light up your own identity.

The office environment tells the tale of the not only the company or brand, but how it resonates with the employees and clients as well. Euroceil can help you tell that tale with a design vocabulary that expresses visual creativity.

  • Reception Area


Nothing says hello like a warm welcome. Our 3D light installations are statement pieces, designed to create the perfect first impression. Be it for visitors or employees. Visa’s office in Bangalore features our installation – a wavy backlit pillar that extended onto the ceiling using euroceil Translucent Stretch Ceilings.

  • Lobby


Lobbies at large corporate offices often have double height ceilings in spaces that include waiting areas. To make an impactful statement, euroceil’s Printed Stretch Ceilings are perfect for the job. Create customised artwork and designs, choose from a vast library of themes and patterns to suit your ambient needs and have them come to life with LED backlighting inspired by natural illumination. Featured here is a 11m x 7m skylight in the lobby of L&T’s office in Bangalore created with our printed stretch ceilings, as envisioned by Ostraca architects. Yet another example of how euroceil can offer a truly welcoming sight for everyone who walks in.

  • Conference Room


This where ideas are born, decisions are made and the future is determined. Creating the perfect ambience plays a key role to enable these processes. Choosing the right illumination can set the mood and change everything for the better. The Executive Centre in Chennai, where Architects Atelier DÁrts create this masterpiece using our White Translucent Stretch Ceilings (EC1-TR-011) with LED backlighting incorporating the themed branches with hollow wooden cavities within.

  • Director Cabin


The Director’s cabin should be a place that echoes the tone of the company brand. And it should serve as the ideal quarters for the leader of the workforce. The Director’s cabin in Sahara, Mumbai, features a 37 sq.m expanse of White Translucent Stretched Fabric Ceiling above the desk, with a prominent light source for the space.

  • Pantry


The pantry of an office is for more than just a space for the employees to grab a bite or cup of coffee. It’s their informal break room. A space to unwind and ease up from a busy day. The right ambience can help calm and relax their minds, making them all set to head back and their productive best. The designers from RC Architecture ideated this Black Lacquer Stretch Ceiling seamlessly spanning 8m x 3m, which we brought to life at the Hindustan Unilever Office in Bangalore. The muted effect of this dark coloured ceiling induces a calming effect and provides a cool reflective surface to look up at.

  • Workspaces


euroceil’s stretch ceilings also make for an ideal lighting in a workspace environment. All the illumination one needs for maximum productivity, without any of the discomfort. No sharp hues, no glaring sights. Our unique 3D lighting forms can be tailored to create any shape in any size, with translucent stretch ceilings that can be backlit to throw evenly diffused homogenous light. The design element of these backlit forms lifts the ambient quality of the workspace.