Project : Haute Fitness
Project size : 2500 sq.ft.
Location : Bangalore

Product :
EC1-LQ-041 (Black Lacquer)
EC1-LQ-011 (White Lacquer)
Scope of work : Supply and installation of euroceil Stretch Ceilings

Haute Fitness, a reputed American chain of fitness centers, chose eurocéil to erect a reflective system that ushers natural light indoors, along with selective spotlighting for those focused workout sessions.

Mirroring sophistication:

By bouncing natural light across the expanse, eurocéil lacquer stretch ceiling serves as a vast, reflective canvas. Traditional opaque ceilings pale in comparison to the finish and ambient quality that eurocéil lends to interior spaces. The conventional choice today for a reflective ceiling today, is lacquer glass. It’s a dated approach, due to its rigid grid format, heaviness and limited range of colours, shades and fragility.


Boundless and seamless:

This eurocéil installation comprises of large seamless panels (13 x 3m each), covering over 2,500 sq. ft. Despite a month between the time of order and project completion, the actual installation of eurocéil profiles and fabric took no more than 5 days to be up and ready.

Onward and upward:

This enormously successful installation has already forged ahead, with eurocéil’s next project at ‘Haute Fitness 2’ gymnasium in Bangalore, acclaimed to be Asia’s largest.


Usher in an era of contemporary living with contemporary ambience. Liven up your living space with eurocéil printed backlit stretch decorative ceilings and walls. Theme them at will and watch it all take shape around you.