The XEROX office in Bangalore, features euroceil’s latest installation. Another classic example of how backlit stretch ceilings can transform workspaces into alluring contemporary ambiences. The lighting solution here, uses a white translucent stretch ceiling.

Teasing the abstract:

Going beyond conventional lighting and design, this installation cues abstract shapes with sophisticated lighting to showcase them. Its remarkable ability to fit into any shape as required by a theme is something to marvel at.


Led by LEDs:

LEDs placed behind the stretch ceiling film accounts for nearly 80% of the light below and on to the room. With features like remote control regulation of illumination intensity, total control of the lighting is available at your fingertips.



Light in no time

Installation of a eurocéil ceiling is a quick, hassle-free process. Its neat sheet locking in the periphery ensures no gap between the stretch ceiling membrane and the remaining ceiling area.