This week we invite you to 2 extravagant exhibition stall experiences designed predominantly with euroceil stretch ceilings for the AUTO GIANTS – TVS & Maruti in the Auto Expo 2014, New Delhi!


TVS Auto Expo

The TVS space was enveloped with a whopping 11000 sq.ft decorative ceiling hanging structure. This complex German design required a material that needed to be the core behind the creation of Lamellas i.e. Slim panels as long as 50 metres, which were made possible only with euroceil stretch ceiling in nearly 2 weeks.

The 13 majestically hanging lamellas were crafted seamlessly with the euroceil translucent ceilings fabric and mild backlighting, emanating a look and feel of hanging wings. Visitors now experience automobile excellence and style under a whole new spotlight!

The lounge area was crafted differently with euroceil printed stretch ceilings white hi-gloss fabric to reflect the sophistication of the stall.

Pavilion Design & Construction by :
Show Space Events (P) Ltd.,

Maruthi-auto expo-2014 (3)

Maruti Auto Expo

At the Maruti pavilion at Auto Expo, the themes of Freedom, Adventure and Celebration were well delivered to the visitors who gaped in admiration.

Floating across the entire stall, more than 500 metre long illuminated ribbon structures with height of 450-900mm were seamlessly created with euroceil translucent fabric and RGB LED backlighting.

The installation of such giant ribbons total to 4500 sq.ft and to make it happen within a week’s time is a sheer milestone in itself.

Pavilion Design & Construction by :
Meroform India (P) Ltd.,
New Delhi.

Maruthi-auto expo-2014 (4)

From broadening the horizons of designing “larger than life” exhibition stalls to terrific turnaround times in bringing the designs to life in limited timelines, euroceil demonstrates the capabilities to Stretch & Transform!