Project : L & T Realty
Architect : Ostraca
Project size : 704 sq.ft.
Location : Bangalore

Product :
EC1-TR-011 (White Translucent)
Scope of work :
Backlighting (LED Modules)
UV High Resolution Printing
Artwork Design

Dreamt by the visionary Ostraca Architects for the reception lobby of L&T Realty’s residential property in Bangalore, euroceil’s printed translucent stretch ceiling features a vast, seamless expanse of high definition imagery, backlit by LED’s.

Design Value Addition

The ability to bring to life an architect’s imagination, with design value addition in terms if hi-res photography & artwork rendering is unique to euroceil. Only stretch ceilings allow such custom creations, unlike other conventional materials such as onyx glass etc.



There panels are backlit by GOQ Samsung LED modules, which bears a solid 2year warranty and a colour temperature of 10,000 Kelvin. The translucency of euroceil stretch ceilings allows evenly diffused backlighting. This enhances its leafy natual print with emulating the outdoors effortlessly amidst the indoors.



euroceil transformed the entire ambient offering of L&T’s reception lobby with its printed translucent stretch ceilings, giving visitors a tranquil, outdoorsy experience indoors. euroceil, L&T and Ostraca Architects have already embarked on their next venture at the L&T Raintree Boulevard, with many more in the pipeline.