“Sound unbound by nature becomes bound by art.
Ceilings and baffles. Sculptures and Murals.
Acoustics meet stunning aesthetics,
That dance with breath-taking Visuals.”

What happens in Acousthetic Stays in Acousthetic

Beautifully printed backlit ceilings, gorgeous wall murals and abstract 3d sculptures will have you believing that you are visiting an elite art exhibit. A spectacular convergence of art, aesthetic and function, Euroceil Acousthetic provides beautiful ambience and design to a space while also incorporating acoustic technology into their creations. Acousthetic creations have the phenomenal capability of absorbing sound waves, preventing reverberation in the space; therefore creating privacy and a serene, peaceful atmosphere.

How Acousthetic works

The tiny micro-perforation i.e. 0.3mm dia , 250,000 holes /sq.mtr in PVC membrane allow the sound waves in the space to pass through the holes and in the process the sound energy get converted into heat energy. The reverberated sound becomes weak, leaving the space with pure sound. The NRC of 0.5 is achieved with Acousthetic membrane alone. The acoustic quality can be improved further to 0.95 NRC by using suitable sound absorbent behind the micro-perforated membrane.

The Acousthetic ceiling or wall membrane looks like a normal membrane as micro-perforations are invisible even from a meter distance. Micro-perforations are possible on most of the color PVC membrane. Acousthetic membrane can be designed seamless in any shape, size and form with backlighting and with digital printing for creating an acoustic interior without compromising even a bit with aesthetic.

Giving you Your Space

Euroceil Acousthetic glamorously gives you the privacy you may need in different situations with style and finesse – from enriching your home theatre experience to giving you discretion in important board meetings. Euroceil Acousthetic also provides highly-required sound proofing during loud events in places like theatres, banquet halls, music halls and auditoriums. A design-flexible micro-perforated membrane allows Euroceil to completely customize their creations based on the customers’ needs into different shapes and forms while not just maintaining the acoustic of the space, but also complementing it with creative art installations. Euroceil Acousthetic further helps build privacy in clinics, hospitals and educational institutions, as well as malls, airports, bus and train stations.

Safety first

It is the safest solution to an antibacterial and antifungal experience as no biocides or fungicides are used in the production of the euroceil PVC membrane. It is 100% recyclable and is certified for low emissions. It is also certified for fire safety and low heavy metal migration.

Do away with industrial looking conventional acoustic panels and experience the pure sound and visual with Acousthetic.