1. State of the art manufacturing.

  • Our exclusive state of the art manufacturing unit with ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures stringent quality control.
  • The presence of a local manufacturing facility enables faster turnaround that results in quicker project completion.

2. Customization and perfection. Our forte.

  • eurocéil brings every designer’s vision to life by custom-making its product line to meet your expectations.
  • Choose from the widest choices of colours and finishes, between backlighting or opaque effects, printing custom artwork, sculpting a three-dimensional form or even special acoustic treatments.
  • Options galore! The design team is well equipped to provide comprehensive in-house design solutions to create bespoke signature spaces for you.

3. Maintaining highest quality standards. Come what may.

  • Partnering with Renolit (Global leader in PVC sheet manufacturing), using European certified products and LED lighting from leading brands, our stringent quality control has allowed us to provide a 10-year warranty, making us a proud TUV certified ISO company.

4. Bringing your vision to life through our expertise.

  • For eurocéil, every space is a blank canvas to recreate our client’s vision to reality. Our expertise and product superiority enables architects and creative minds to explore, design and build ceiling concepts that challenge regular aesthetic norms. Do you have a Dream? We will make it a Reality!

5. Turnkey solutions, made seamless.

  • From recreating high-resolution artwork to providing various lighting solutions, eurocéil delivers a holistic approach in design-oriented problem-solving for their clients.
  • We also curate and fabricate complex 3D structures to match your dream shapes and install them at the site to bring it to reality.

6. Health, Safety and Environment. No compromises ever.

  • eurocéil PVC sheets are free from carcinogen substances: meets highest European emission standards (A+ certified), heavy metals within permissible limits and manufactured without the use of Phthalates (chemicals which are dangerous to our internal organs and are cancer-producing).
  • eurocéil PVC sheets are also fire certified for highest safety (b-s1,d0), eco-friendly and are 100% recyclable.

7. Presence across Indian sub-continent and Middle-east. Swift turnaround.

  • With a strong presence in all leading markets, our dedicated team focuses on working with leading clients across regions to understand and cater to their requirements with utmost diligence. It also enables eurocéil to provide quick after-sales service.