The Executive Centre Chennai, acclaimed as one of the leading service providers in Asia Pacific has designed and built their serviced offices and centre facilities to the highest ergonomic corporate standards, with finishes befitting their multinational corporate clientele.

Renowned Architecture Firm, Atelier Global (Bangalore) had initially chosen us for The Executive Centre at the UB City in Bangalore in June 2013, where our stretch ceilings were applied as effervescent backlit ceilingpanels spanning across 1120 sq.ft to light up their Reception & Corridors.

Having viewed and experienced the process & success of eurocéil’s quality conscious approach and end-to-end execution with large LED lighting installation, both the architect & the client were happy to extend an opportunity to us with the next phase that included a larger dimension in their upcoming offices in Chennai, Gurgaon and other locations.


Specs:- Outer Dimensions: 9454mm x 4088mm | Area: 418 sq.ft.

In the Reception of The Executive Centre Chennai, the euroceil translucent ceiling takes the shape of a giant leaf with an ambient backlighting just above the reception desk making a lasting first impression as you enter the space.

The major attraction here is the Cool & Warm White LEDs which bring an ambient illumination as you enter the space with remote control provision for dimming, offering you the flexibility and convenience of having 2 different tones of lighting depending on your mood on the day.


Conference & Meeting Rooms
Conference 1 : Outer Dimensions : 6800mm x 4591mm | Area : 336 sq.ft
Conference 2 : Outer Dimensions : 3992mm x 4137mm | Area : 178 sq.ft
Conference 3 : Outer Dimensions : 4930mm x 3070mm | Area : 163 sq.ft

All the 3 conference room stretch ceilings adorn the “tree branches” theme integrated within the eurocéilbacklit ceiling across the entire stretch ceiling area to offer a brilliantly unique environment to discuss interesting topics.

Cool white LEDs with dimmable controls provide convenience and ease to regulate the intensity of illumination.

Such a complex structure was installed with ease, just like any other flat stretch ceiling installation, due to the superior technology of our smooth locking system of the fabric into the peripheral aluminium profiles.


Specs :
Average panel size: 34 sq.ft. | Total no. of panels : 46 nos. | Total Area : 1552 sq.ft

The corridors of The Executive Centre boasts 46 eurocéil backlit decorative ceiling  panels, illuminating the entire hallway to lighten up your long walks within the workplace.

We’ve had our fair share of insights and learnings from this installation too.

Our learning for the next TEC office (Gurgaon) installation is to utilize motion sensors to not only save vital energy, this feature will also add that little excitement as anyone walks through this stretch of the workplace.



Having experienced the giant leaf and the tree branches in the stretch ceilings of TEC, the Pantry section displays fresh looking backlit pillars forming tree barks standing tall at one corner of the room.

The irregular bark form is brought to life enabling no frame or internal shadow visibility to the human eye. Again highlighting the advanced technological capability of our stretch ceiling material, installation prowess and the strong technical know-how.


As a result, eurocéil went ahead to stretch 360 degrees of the client’s imagination across application, design and service.

euroceil as a material has demonstrated an exciting shift in the way it has been applied within the interior, from functional to decorative & concept-based, and therefore extending its utilization from the reception, conference, corridors to the pantry areas, spanning over a whopping 2889 sq.ft.

The nature theme was cleverly adapted in every room and in the printed ceilings with the flexibility of the material to take multitude of shapes and forms to bring such magical themes and designs to life.


Watch this space for more engaging articles on distinctive euroceil creations!